Euphloria 70s Flower Power Festival Glasses | Loonigans X Animal Hair

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WOW a super eye wear collaboration! Animal Hair has brought Loonigans dreams to life, a pair of festival glasses inspired by our Porange Euphloria print. 70s flower power vibes are emanated in these 3D acrylic eye pieces featuring flowers and hearts.

All items are made to order and this one is extra special, pre order now for these limited edition works of art, available in 4 weeks time.

PLEASE NOTE: These glasses are not UV protective and are for aesthetic purposes only, don't wear while driving or operating machinery. They are made of acrylic plastic. Edges may be sharp so please beware, the detail is visible through the glasses, but you can still see through them. Each pair is made by hand and should be treated with care - Try not to drop them, they are delicate and replacements are not possible through accidental breakage.