As those loyal Loonigans who have followed us from day one know... we have always been completely transparent about our sustainability and ethical practices and it has always been at the forefront of the Loonigans movement!

Loonigans has never been about cheap throwaway fashion.. the greed and waste that is seen within the fashion industry is truely killing our planet. As a brand, we have many environmental initiatives we have pursued over the past couple of years and look to grow each year

Here’s a quick run down! 

*Sweat Shop Free!! All pieces are made in the UK by me...Head Loon Olivia and all trimmings and finishings are bought through UK based small independent, family-run businesses. (Woop! You’re supporting local independent businesses when you buy from us!)

*Our reversible swimwear is now made from Life Recycled Lycra, woven with a nylon thread that is made in Italy from regenerated plastic waste including discarded fishing nets that are recovered from the ocean in collaboration with Healthy Seas charities. (Wait.. what?! YEP you’re helping clear the oceans of plastic junk that is killing sea life!) As a Scuba Diver who spends a lot of time underwater with amazing creatures like sharks and whales, this is a VERY special cause that is close to my heart. What’s even better is it is printed in the UK using sublimation printing... no wet ink means no chemical waste contaminating our waters too! (Double whammy!!!)

*Now we very well know that sequins are made from plastic and they are everyone’s favourite. So while we haven’t yet found a manufacturer that is using recycled plastic in their flip sequin fabric we are doing all we can to lessen the amount of plastic scrap that goes to landfill. We make every item to order, which means no leftover and wasted stock. Our items are forever items... and will hopefully be passed down through generations.. (who remembers going through their mum & grandma's wardrobes and adding items to their dressing up boxes as a kid!!). Our scrap pieces are kept aside for fellow independent designers that specialise in headdresses and bumbags and up-cycle them into their items, such as @headspace_headdresses! As for those pesky small scrap sequins, we sweep them up, sieve them and keep them for jewellery designers or use them in props and furniture for our festival stalls! (Know a school/charity or organisation that could benefit from our scraps for art!! Give us a shout!!) 

*Our packaging is cardboard and paper based! A great reusable material that is widely and easily recycled!

By buying a little piece of Loonigans you’re not only helping independent family businesses put food on their table but also helping make the right steps in saving our planet... that’s kind of a big deal.. and I truly cannot thank you enough!!